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Safety Measures

  • Precautionary infection control measures are taken in all of our branches to ensure the safety of all of our visitors. The latest guidelines for COVID-19 protective measures are followed.
  • Disinfection for the different surfaces is done regularly, special disinfection is done for the exam rooms between each patient.
  • Personal protective equipment are distributed abundantly among our staff members, with proper training on how to use them.
  • Social distancing is encouraged throughout all of our branches. Special marks are done on the floors and chairs to ensure that all visitors follow the instructions.
  • Barrier shields are present in all of our reception areas to protect our visitors and staff.
  • Alcohol based solutions are distributed in the different areas in all of our branches.
  • Different roll ups are present to educate our visitors on the required protection measures.
  • WHO posters for the proper hand hygiene steps are present to inform the visitors on the proper way for hand washing and alcohol rubbing for hands disinfection & hygiene.
  • Close follow up is done to ensure the understanding and the adherence of the staff to the different instructions for the infection control precautionary measures.

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